Outreach Committee Launches this year’s Advent Appeal

Every year, along with the Season of Advent comes the “Advent Appeal” at St. Andrew’s. The Advent Appeal is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate Christmas by giving to people in our community who are truly in need. The Advent Appeal supports local helping agencies including the Saskatoon Food Bank, the Friendship Inn, the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry, and others. Go to the Outreach page for more information on these and other agencies supported by the Advent Appeal.

The way the Appeal works is like this: The Outreach Committee has trays of Christmas ornaments set out in the lower hall at the church. Each ornament has a tag on it with a suggested gift of money, time, or an item for one of the helping agencies in our community. You select one or more ornaments, buy the gifts, and bring them to the church. Place your gifts under the Advent Tree and attach your ornaments to the tree. The more we give, the more beautiful our tree will become. The Outreach Committee will deliver all the gifts before Christmas.