General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada meets in Ottawa

Rev. Amanda Currie and Allan Ireland are in Ottawa this week participating in the 134th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The General Assembly is an annual gathering of Presbyterians from across the country, and it is the highest court or decision-making body of our church. Each year in the first week of June, 1/6 of the Presbyterian ministers in Canada and an equal number of elders serve as commissioners to the General Assembly and conduct the business of the church.

Neither Allan or Amanda has attended a General Assembly before, so we are both looking forward to lots of learning through this experience, as well as lots of opportunities to meet and share ideas and experiences with Presbyterians from different parts of the country.

Allan has already started to work, as he is serving on the Nominating Committee, which met throughout the day today (Saturday, May 31st). We both officially registered today, and the Assembly really gets started Sunday evening with the opening worship at Knox Presbyterian Church in downtown Ottawa.

Please keep the Assembly in your prayers this week, and feel free to learn more about what we are doing by going to the General Assembly Page of the Presbyterian Church in Canada website. This page will be updated throughout the week with photos and information about the Assembly. You can also read the reports of the various agencies of our church that will be presented and discussed this week.