Greetings from the Stewardship Committee

As summer approaches (we hope), we look forward to the refreshing and rejuvenating relaxation that holidays bring.

Please remember that while we might be on holiday, the needs of the church continue. This is especially true this year as we face a deficit budget. We encourage you to continue with your offerings, preferably by bringing them when you come to worship. However, you can also mail them, and post-dated cheques are an option. Perhaps this is a time to prayerfully consider the PAR system of automatic pre-authorized giving.

As we travel great distances, or stay close to home, let us also remember to respect the nature around us and use our resources responsibly.

The Stewardship quip from last Sunday’s bulletin summed it up wonderfully:

How we use and manage God’s gifts affects far more than our economic life. We are stewards in our use of God’s creation, in our personal relationships,in our political and ecclesial institutions, in our work, and in our use of time. Indeed, we are stewards of the gospel itself — the good news entrusted to all of us in the church. (Bruce C. Birch)

Have a great summer.

Your Stewardship Committee