The Gospel According to Mark

Sunday morning Bible Study at St. Andrew’s begins again this Sunday, September 20th at 9:30 a.m.

I had originally announced that we would be studying Matthew’s Gospel, but realized that the group has studied Matthew fairly recently. Also, we are in the middle of the lectionary year (year C) in which most of the Gospel readings are from Mark, and that seems like a good reason to explore Mark more closely.

Who was Mark? What is different about his Gospel from the other three? Why does he spend half the book on the death and resurrection of Jesus? How does his message speak to us today? We will be examining these and other questions in our upcoming study of the Gospel According to Mark.

You don’t have to be a biblical scholar in order to join us! We enjoy learning, growing, questioning, and exploring together with a diverse group on Sunday mornings before worship. We meet in the church parlour at 9:30 a.m. Use the parking lot side door, and stop by the kitchen for a cup of coffee before making your way up to the parlour.