Stories of Faith

Rev. Amanda is gathering stories of faith this week. You are invited to think about the people in your life who have been examples of faith for you. Who was the first person to tell you about Jesus and his love? Who do you remember as someone whose example of faith has made a difference in your life?

On Sunday, August 15th we will be welcoming some new members into our church family. They will be professing their faith for the first time or renewing their faith commitment once again. Let’s celebrate this important moment in their faith lives by telling the stories of the heroes who have shared their faith with us.

Please send a quick email to Rev. Amanda to tell her about someone who has been an example of faith for you. You can also call the church office or drop by this week so that your story can be among those shared on Sunday.

May God be with you and in you this week, as you live out your faith in word and action.