Churches Together: Supporting Station 20 West

The leaders of many Saskatoon churches gathered on Wednesday, November 24th to sign a letter of support for Station 20 West’s Good Food Junction grocery store. The churches have agreed to work together as an ecumenical advent project, to raise much-needed funds for the equipment required by the store.

Watch the video “Good Food Junction Initiative” to hear from the Church Leaders about why the churches are supporting this project.

To find out more about Station 20 West and the Good Food Junction grocery store, watch the video “Station 20 West – Sustainable Good Food Health Centre.”

The church leaders’ letter of support began as follows:

This Christmas season many churches in Saskatoon seek to enhance the momentum of a vital project  – the community-owned Good Food Junction cooperative store located at Station 20 West. It is a community project that the churches seek to support as a concrete expression of God’s love.

Christians share the conviction that in Jesus Christ God has drawn near to us.  The Advent and Christmas seasons remind us that when God in Christ came to dwell among us he was born and lived in poverty and simplicity.  In Jesus’ ministry, we see his profound concern for those who were in need.  He gave dignity to those who were poor, suffering or oppressed.  He identified himself with those who were hungry or thirsty, saying that whatever we do for those most in need, we do for him (Matthew 25:31-40).    As his disciples we have a moral imperative to follow his example.

Read the full text of the letter, as well as the speech made by the Rev. Amanda Currie at the signing ceremony, to find out more about how the Christian Churches of Saskatoon are coming together to support a wonderful community initiative in the heart of the city.