General Assembly: June 5-10 in London, ON

The 137th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada is meeting this week in London, Ontario. This is the annual meeting of the PCC with ministers and representative elders from across the country coming together to make decisions and set directions for the church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Remember to pray for all the commissioners, for the Moderator – the Rev. Rick Horst, for the local arrangements committee, for the national staff and all those involved in the General Assembly. Our commissioners from the Presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan are the Rev. Bev Shepansky and Lawrence Black from Mistawasis Memorial Presbyterian Church. Our Young Adult Representative is Logan de Bruijn from St. Andrew’s, Saskatoon.

Want to know more about what’s happening at General Assembly? Check out the General Assembly 2011 website to read the reports that are being considered and to get live news coverage.