New Parking Arrangement With The Radisson Hotel

Beginning May 1st, we will be trying out a new parking arrangement with our neighbour, the Radisson Hotel. As you probably know, the Radisson offers complimentary parking to people attending worship at St. Andrew’s on Sunday mornings and additional parking for weddings/funerals when requested. When the hotel needs extra parking during the week, we allow use of our parking lot when we don’t have events happening. The hotel would now like to use our parking lot more frequently and pay for the parking spots that they use, while still offering us complimentary parking on Sunday mornings and other times when needed.

How will this affect you?

  1. Remember to make use of Sunday morning parking underground at the Radisson.
  2. When you drop by the church during the week (daytime) be sure to park on the church side of the parking lot, as we may have the other side reserved for paid hotel parking.
  3. On days/evenings when we require the use of the entire lot (i.e. Thursday Group, Women’s League meetings, Women’s League tea and bake sales, weddings, funerals, etc.) the hotel will not use our lot, and you will be able to park anywhere.
  4. If you want to park at the church while you are downtown for another reason, make sure that you have a St. Andrew’s parking sticker visible in your windshield (get one for $2 from the church office), check with the church office to make sure it’s okay to park that day, and park on the church side of the lot.