Inner City Undies Appeal

February is “Bring some underwear to church” month at St. Andrew’s!

The Outreach Committee is encouraging everyone to bring new packages of underwear to church, which will then be distributed between Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry, The Lighthouse, and the YWCA Women’s Crisis Center. A bin will be provided for all items donated.

Things to consider:

  • Please, no used underwear. All underwear should be in its original packaging or with the original tags attached.
  • It can be either men’s or women’s, but be aware that there is more of a need for men’s.
  • They can be S, M, L or XL. God did not make everyone the same size.
  • It can be long or short. Long will help during the cold weather, but short will also be very much appreciated.

In Saskatoon there are a number of agencies that provide good condition used clothing either free, or at a very reasonable cost.  However, because of the nature of the item, underwear is somewhat less available.  It would be nice to be able to provide someone with a change.