Outreach from St. Andrew’s

The St. Andrew’s Outreach Committee is busy throughout the year. We encourage members of St. Andrew’s to put their faith into action, reaching out beyond our walls to support local missions and community helping organizations. We also reach out by finding ways to invite new people into our church community at St. Andrew’s.

These are some of the community organizations that St. Andrew’s regularly supports through the work of the Outreach Committee and the Annual Advent Appeal.

The Saskatoon Downtown Youth Center Inc. (EGADZ) is a community based inter-agency organization that provides resources and actively supports services that empower youth at risk to help themselves to reach their full potential. EGADZ provides a safe acceptable place for youth at risk with links to the families, and has the support of the community. EGADZ has youth involved in expressing their needs and determining services they require meeting them.
Saskatoon Friendship Inn
Saskatoon Friendship Inn was established in 1969 with the help of the Catholic Diocese and the InnerCity Council of Churches as a drop in centre for transient and homeless men and grew to become a soup kitchen. Today, Saskatoon Friendship Inn is a soup kitchen that provides 2 meals daily for the transient, homeless, and less fortunate, 365 days a year.
Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre
The goal of the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre is to be able to close our doors and to know that all people in Saskatoon have enough food to eat. This, however, is not a reality at this time. The Saskatoon Food Bank’s hamper pickup program has been increasing in past years with now more than 12,000 users each month, half of which are children.
Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry
The Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry is a mission of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The Mission operates out of a store-front centre on 20th Street between Idylwyld and Avenue B. The Rev. Stewart Folster leads this mission that provides food, a drop-in centre, a worshipping community, pastoral care, counselling, and more to Aboriginal people in the innercity of Saskatoon.
Saskatoon Crisis Nursery
A Crisis Nursery is a residence that provides a second home for children during a family crisis or emergency. If there is no alternate care available, parents may leave their children while the problem is being resolved. Offering a safe, homelike environment, the nursery is a service for the entire family.
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon works in partnership with low income working families in need, to alleviate the effects of poverty by providing basic, affordable housing.
Quint Development Corporation
Quint Development Corporation exists to strengthen the economic and social well being of Saskatoon’s five core neighbourhoods through a community based economic development approach. Quint focuses on programs in the areas of affordable housing, business renewal, and employment development.
White Buffalo Youth Lodge
The mission and vision of White Buffalo Youth Lodge is dedicated to improve the quality of life and health for children, youth and young adults and their families in the inner city through integrated, holistic support services and programs. The vision of White Buffalo Youth Lodge is that children, youth, and young adults will have the capacity to make healthy life choices and be leaders in the community, through the collaboration of all orders of government and the community.
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