Parking at St. Andrew's
Some take pride in chariots, and some in horses, but our pride is in the name of the Lord our God (Psalm 20:7)

Parking at St. Andrew’s

On Sunday mornings, courtesy parking is available in the Radisson Hotel’s underground parkade. (You may ignore the sign stating “Lot Full; Hotel Guests Only”, as it doesn’t apply to us.) If you feel comfortable parking in the parkade and walking to church, please do so. This will help free up parking for our guests and for those who need to park close to the church.

“St. Andrew’s Church Parking” stickers are available from the church office during office hours for members and adherents for $2 each. The Board encourages everyone to get a sticker for the windshields of their vehicles. That way, whether your vehicle is parked in our lot or in the parkade, your vehicle is easily identified. When purchasing a sticker, please be prepared to provide your vehicle description and licence plate number.

Please note that a sticker does not entitle you to park in our lot any time and all the time! If a sign is posted stating “Funeral Parking Only Today” or “Wedding Parking Only Today”, that means guests only! If you are not a guest, please seek other parking arrangements.


Handicapped parking is available in the St. Andrew’s lot. There is a wheelchair ramp and a lift to provide access to the church sanctuary and the meeting hall below.

On Sundays, we ask that church members reserve the parking lot for visitors and those with mobility difficulties. Underground parking at the Radisson hotel is ample on Sunday mornings. Remember there are three levels, and an elevator back to the Radisson lobby.